Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Salvation is Boring?

"Salvation is boring." These were the words that came out of the mouth of the person I was talking with, regarding a walk with Christ. I fear that we live in a time, in which people are extremely self-indulgent and always wanting to be entertained—dare I say, even the Christian. I must admit, this hits a chord with me, and when she said it, I chuckled. The reason I thought it was humorous was because anyone who has walked with Christ for any length of time knows that Christianity is not boring—there’s always a new lesson, a new trial, a new mountain to climb. But let me confess, these words carried more than humor, they harbored a sense of angst in me. Christianity is not a spectator sport!

According to Josephus, the people around Jerusalem gave the Apostle James a nickname and it wasn’t one which was very flattering—they called him, “Camel knees.” While it was true that his knees looked like those of the leg joints of a camel, it was because he had such an outstanding prayer life that he was constantly on his knees, not on cushy pillows, but of stone, dirt, and marble. Imagine a life so filled with prayer that people described you that way. By the way, this was the half-brother of Christ, which is a very powerful testimony of who Jesus really was. But you may say, “Prayer is boring!”

Some things I just don’t understand, any person who is saved from the darkness of sin and death and transferred into Christ’s glorious kingdom (Col. 1:13-14), could not possibly think a saved life is boring—unless—that person is not serving the King. This is one reason I stress that Christians become unified as a family. A family spends time together, grows together, cries together, and loves together. Our faith is not to be viewed as coming and going, but being continually on mission—as the family of God. As it has been said, “We gather, so that we can scatter.” There should be nothing mundane about our faith. Every day should bring us new challenges, new hope and dreams, and new opportunities to encourage others and share the Gospel—and if that is not enough then we should fill the holes with fiery prayer.

We’re a generation that lacks the power and Spirit of God. We confess with our mouths that God is all powerful and nothing is impossible with Him, but lack the faith to set ourselves on fire for God. And this is one of the reasons why I would get a response, “Salvation is boring.” I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but my journey with Christ is a give and get situation; I give time, devotion, energy, love, and prayer and God gives me the amazing ability to share with others and a burning desire of passion for intimacy with Him. When I was an executive chef, I would tell my chefs, if food comes back to this kitchen, it better be because it’s either too salty, too spicy, or too hot; if someone sends it back saying it’s bland or cold—there is going to be a problem! It doesn’t bother me that the world would call us names, they can choose any they like, but may we never be associated with the word boring!

We were created in God’s image, with intellect and imagination; may we be innovative, creative, and always striving to learn and do new and great things. 

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